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 An image of Carla Crenshaw, Principal  Crenshaw, Carla  Principal
 An image of Naomi Pyle, Assitant Principal  Pyle, Naomi  Assistant Principal
An image of Jeanette Rivera, Assitant Principal  Rivera, Jeanette  Assistant Principal
 6th Grade
  Autry, James Math/Science
An image of T. Biggerstaff, 6th Grade Teacher Biggerstaff, Tamara ELA/Social Studies
 An image of K. Guyot, 6th Grade Teacher Guyot, Kelli ELA/Social Studies
  Hottel, Laura ELA/Social Studies
 An image of K. McCullen, 6th Grade Teacher McCullen, Kim Math/Science
An image of J. Mullen, 6th Grade Teacher Mullen, Jennifer ELA/Social Studies
An image of K. Nelson, 6th Grade Teacher Nelson, Kim Math/Science
  Pride, Marie ELA/Social Studies
  Quigg, James Math/Science
 An image of J. Tartaglia, 6th Grade Teacher Tartaglia, Janet Math/Science
 7th Grade
An image of D. Gobrick, 7th Grade Teacher Gobrick, Dawn Science
  Johnson, Jessica ELA
An image of T. Manire, 7th Grade Teacher Manire, Tracey Math
An image of T. Moore, 7th Grade Teacher Moore, Trinity ELA/Social Studies
An image of H. Mort, 7th Grade Teacher Mort, Helen ELA
An image of J. Riggins, 7th Grade Teacher Riggins, Jasmyn Science
An image of J. Shaw, 7th Grade Teacher Shaw, Jennifer Math
An image of K. Sullivan, 8th Grade Teacher Sullivan, Kelley Social Studies
An image of M. Wynne, 7th Grade Teacher Wynne, Matthew Social Studies
 8th Grade 
An image of L. Andrus, 8th Grade Teacher Andrus, Lance Science
  Buss, Vicki ELA
An image of N. Cole, 8th Grade Teacher Cole, Nicole Math
An image of W. Crockett, 8th Grade Teacher Crockett, William ELA/Social Studies
  Dinnen, Christopher Math
An image of J. Johnson, 8th Grade Teacher Johnson, Jo Social Studies 
An image of D. Mathew, 8th Grade Teacher Mathew, Dawn Science
  Patterson, Janelle ELA
  Pitchford, Keith Social Studies
  Smyth, Sue Math/Science
An image of R. Bryd, Resource Teacher Byrd, Rosemary Computer Technology
An image of R. Chuhran, Resource Teacher Chuhran, Regan Orchestra
An image of B. Geddis, Resource Teacher Geddis, Brenda Computer Technology
An image of M. Holstein, Resource Teacher Holstein, Matthew Physical Education
An image of J. Jordan, Resource Teacher Jordan, Julie Band
  Mangus, Donna Jo Chorus
An image of R. Miller, Resource Teacher Miller, Rhonda Physical Education
Munoz, Enrique Spanish
An image of H. Pietrowski, Resource Teacher Pietrowski, Holly Physical Education
An image of D. Smith, Resource Teacher Smith, Detrick Physical Education
An image of N. Stanley, Resource Teacher Stanley, Nathan Visual Arts
An image of R. Street, Resource Teacher Street, Ray Computer Technology
 EC Department
An image of V. Bell, Resource Teacher Bell, Vicki 6th Grade Co-Op/Resource
Edmonds, Janessa 8th Grade Co-Op/Resource
An image of C. Logan, Resource Teacher Logan, Clarence EC Teacher Assistant
  Lucas, Kimberly EC Teacher Assistant
An image of K. Maxwell, Resource Teacher Maxwell, Kathryn EC Case Manager
An image of D. McLean, Resource Teacher McLean, Deborah EC Teacher Assistant
  Smith, Kathryn 6th/7th Grade EC-IDM
Soltero, Wendy ESL
Squibb, Dustin 7th/8th Grade EC-AU
Washington, Felicia 8th Grade EC-IDM
An image of T. Wells, Resource Teacher Wells, Tracey Speech Pathologist
An image of L. Yancey, Resource Teacher Yancey, Latasha 7th Grade Co-Op/Resource
 Office & Guidance Staff
  Bosworth, Jessica School Psychologist
An image of M. Brown, School Nurse Brown, Mary School Nurse
An image of D. Bryan, Receptionist Bryan, Dianne Receptionist
An image of Y. Hayes, Discipline Clerk Hayes, Yelitza Discipline Clerk
Image of R. Hudson, Safe Schools Coordinator Hudson, Rodrick Safe Schools Coordinator
Howard Lattimore CCS Military Family & Youth Liaison 910.678.2433
Image of T. Medina, Social Worker Medina, Teri Social Worker
Image of S. Prentince, Data Manager Prentice, Shannon Bookkeeper
Image of C. Ray, A.I.G Consultant Ray, Cheryl A.I.G Consultant
An image of S. Teal, 8th Grade Teacher Teal, Sara Instructional Coach
Deputy James Trogden Trogden, James Deputy
Washington, Jennifer Data Manager
Image of L. Westlake, Guidance Counselor Westlake, Leticia Guidance Counselor
Image of L. Widman, Guidance Counselor Widman, Lola Guidance Counselor
Image of S. Wint, ISS Teacher Wint, Sherrill ISS
 Media Staff
Owen, Marisa Technology Facilitator
Image of V. Richardson, Media Assistant Richardson, Vicki Media/Medical Clerk
Image of M. Terry, Media Coordinator Terry, Melanie Media Coordinator
 Custodial Staff
Image of M. Davis, Head Custodian Davis, Michael  Head Custodian
Published by Nathan Stanley on September 24, 2017
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